Eat with Childlike Abandon!

What is the key to food freedom? Try approaching food with a childlike awareness. Kids are curious, free of self-judgement, taste with all their senses, and are usually very decisive if they want seconds or not. A little girl caught my attention last weekend at the farmer's market, where I demonstrate ways to use the market ingredients. Using just 4 ingredients, I quickly whipped up an asparagus soup (see recipe) topped with a piece of local crusty bread. Not knowing what I put in front of her, this darling girl, featured above, shyly approached the table for a sample. Before I knew it, she sweetly returned to the table two more times to ask for another, and another tasting. Each time she

Simple Ways to Lighten Up Your Plate

Have you ever thought about your appetite having it's own rhythm? It does in fact, and it isn't too different than the way plants have their own cycle. What we crave season to season is biological and instinctual, and aligns with what's in the ground. We naturally crave more salads around this time of year as opposed to the heavier, warmer foods in the winter. Those cold weather root vegetables, mushrooms, butter, dense grains, and meat we're drawn to in the winter provide high calories and fat, which break down more slowly in the digestive tract, generating a steadier amount of energy and raise body temperature. But what if the craving for winter's higher-carb, higher-fat fare becomes less

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