My Food Philosophy

I love food. At least now I do. For many years it was my enemy. I didn’t intuitively know what to eat, what I would digest well, and I was a mediocre cook. Culinary school gave me the skill. A masters in Nutrition gave me the science. But, those were just the skills. There was something missing that I had to develop myself. I discovered what it was: my intuition in the kitchen. To intuit as you study food is to study its peak season, where it comes from, it’s nutrients, color, energetics, mood connection, and the myriad ways to prepare it. Again, things they don’t always teach you in school. And I want to bring that approach to these CaLM courses.

When we understand how to eat seasonally, we learn more about ourselves. We evolve to better adapt, stay curious about nature as it changes around us, and support our own body’s rhythms. This took me a long time to figure out. And when I eventually did, I discovered a more meaningful, healthful, and peaceful way of living. My mission is that CaLM Together will be a chance for me to pass this knowledge on to you: to make this not only an integration of food, lifestyle, and nature, but also community.  Join me.​​

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What is CaLM Together?

CaLM Together is a 10-week culinary and lifestyle medicine (LM) program. It is a unique experience– one that combines how we eat with physical, mental, and spiritual health.


I take you on a journey of self discovery by teaching you:


  • How to eat and cook in alignment with the seasons.

  • How aligning to seasonal changes can impact many areas of your health: from nutrition to movement; sleep, stress management and relationships.

  • How such changes can improve personal fulfillment and overall purpose.


CaLM is a revolutionary approach for learning to eat intuitively and improve your well being long-term.

A unique 10-week culinary and lifestyle experience.

What to expect

Seasonal ingredients will guide each week’s curriculum, with specific correlations made between food and health. Imagine a dynamic integration of cooking, nutrition, healing colors, food energetics, sleep, and mind-body practice. We will use an online platform to post and discuss the themes of the week and interact as a community.

You can attend as much or as little as you like, AND the more you participate, the more you will benefit. You can expect to see weekly recipe posts, reflections, articles, resources, and group discussions. Guest speakers will bring various perspectives on food and health within the 10-week period.

Guest Speakers

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Why join?

Nourishing ourselves is not necessarily intuitive; it is something we learn over time. If you’re looking for a deeper, more creative, and intuitive way to connect to food and healing, CaLM Together is the program for you. Consuming food is a deeply personal act and integrated with all aspects of living. Most nutritional programs look at food and the body in very separate and narrow perspectives. We integrate many facets of food and lifestyle learning under one program.

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By the end of the 10 weeks you will:

  • Learn to look more deeply at the larger picture of a specific ingredient

  • Learn to cook more intuitively by the season of the year, and what can be found at the local market

  • Develop a deeper appreciation of the connections between mind, body, and food

  • Grow your recipe arsenal around plant-based cooking through virtual live demonstrations

  • Connect and grow with like-minded individuals of similar culinary interest

  • Feel you had a personal and meaningful time with Marti through her demonstrations, discussions and forums

  • Learn from other expert professionals in culinary and lifestyle medicine

10 week program $1000. Registration open until March 19. Program starts March 20th.
Only $850 if you sign up before March 10th!

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