CaLM Together is a 10-week culinary and lifestyle medicine (LM) program. It is a unique experience– one that combines how we eat  with physical, mental, and spiritual health. We take you on a journey of self discovery by teaching you:

  • How to eat and cook in alignment with the seasons.

  • How aligning to seasonal changes can impact many areas of your health: from nutrition to movement; sleep, stress management and relationships. 

  • How such changes can improve  personal fulfilment and overall purpose.

CaLM is a revolutionary approach for learning to eat intuitively and improve your well being long-term.   


 By the end of the 10 weeks you will:

  • Learn to look more deeply at the larger picture of a specific ingredient

  • Learn to cook more intuitively by the season of the year, and what can be found at the local market

  • Develop a deeper appreciation of the connections between mind, body, and food 

  • Grow your recipe arsenal around plant-based cooking through virtual live demonstrations 

  • Connect and grow with like-minded individuals of similar culinary interest

  • Feel you had a personal and meaningful time with Marti through her demonstrations, discussions and forums

  • Learn from other expert professionals in culinary and lifestyle medicine


March 20th to May 29th, 2021

CaLM Together

  • March 1st - March 10th

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