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Custom cooking lessons

just for your needs

Marti brings 15+ years experience as a Culinary Nutrition and Wellness Educator with a diverse background in health-supportive cooking, nutritional sciences, Functional Medicine, and mind-body modalities.  One-on-one consultations are personalized for your health goals.  Marti has worked with people of all ages, who want to restore their health from asthma, allergies, autoimmune conditions, cancer, diabetes, weight gain/loss, gastrointestinal problems, acid reflux, ADD/ADHD, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, and anxiety.




The initial wellness assessement lasts 90 minutes and takes place in your home, phone, or skype. We will address the following:

-Health history

-Health goals

-Dietary patterns

-Relationship with food

-Lifestyle (exercise, sleep, social environment, etc.)

-Cooking level and food knowledge

-Kitchen set-up


*Prior to this initial consult please fill out the intake form. 



Navigating the supermarket is a daunting task as a result of conflicting information in the media and harmful hidden ingredients in many common foods.  In this eye-opening 90-minute market tour, Marti will help debunk common food myths, explain what to look for when reading labels, discuss seasonal eating, uses of ingredients, and how to choose the best foods for your health and well being. 



These are 3 hour lessons that will inspire your tastebuds and take the mystery out of healthful cooking. Marti will show you how to make simple, nourishing, and delicious meals that meet you and your family's needs. People delight in feeling like a more confident cook and savvy shopper after their lessons. The menu is customized based on the initial consultation.  


Additonal Services:


This is a follow-up service to the initial consult, which may include a weekly meal plan, recipes, mind body skills and other resources to help you with your health goals and cooking confidence.



Have you ever dreamt of someone coming into your kitchen and giving your pantry an upgrade? The pantry is the foundation to making healthy food choices. If your pantry is stocked with health supportive whole ingredients you are more likely to maintain healthy food choices for you and your family. We will go through the essential ingredients, from oils to beans to spices, to arm you with culinary know-how.



Should it be determined that a private chef is beneficial to support your health goals, Marti will find the best chef to meet you and your family's dietary and lifestyle needs. 


Health Professionals and Chefs



Culinary Nutrition is a rapidly growing field. Marti is often sought out by professionals looking for advice in how they can break into the field or expand their existing practices. These 60 minute one-on-one consults are for health professionals and chefs. We will take a deep-dive into your professional goals and discuss what steps you can take to become a Culinary Nutrition educator and/or practitioner. Topics for discussion include:


-Education/Professional background

-Necessary education to be a Culinary Nutritionist

-How to do consultations

-How to create a cooking class/workshop

-How to charge

-Next steps 


"I had the great opportunity of working with Marti soon after my Chef Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Institute. I was pretty unclear about what I wanted to pursue. The opportunities and knowledge that the school opened up was amazing . But for me to truly get the clarity of my next step was quite hazy. I decided to take Marti's Culinary Nutrition Business guidance for chefs and health professionals.
Her patience to listen and give advice opened up my awareness to several areas in the culinary side . She methodically advised, helped me structure, and choose from which education and career paths to focus. I also had the opportunity to assist her in a two day Alzheimer's and Dementia retreat . Working with her has been a huge learning experience, from understanding the sensibility and energy of food to the art of building flavours to healthy cooking. I feel so grateful to have had this opportunity to work with her . Her kindness and positive energy is addictive . She truly stands to be a role model."  Marina B.


If a consultation or any other service needs to be cancelled, please contact Marti 48 hours prior to the scheduled date. 

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