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Cooking ​Companions

Seasonal Cooking Classes in Your Kitchen

Get access to a complete library of cooking classes.

Learn how to make quick, delicious, seasonal, nutrient-dense meals that will inspire you to cook more and love doing it!


Elizabeth S.

"Marti's class inspired me to expand my palate, enjoy my developing cooking abilities and delight in the experience."

All the tools you need.

An invaluable collection of seasonal cooking classes to use for a lifetime

Learn From a Variety of culinary Nutrition Experts

Marti and all of her guest chefs have a unique background in health-supportive cooking, so you will not only gain culinary wisdom but a greater connection to how the ingredients improve your health.

Expand Your Cooking Repertoire and Skills

Each class will leave you with more skills to draw from and greater intuition in the kitchen. Our instructors give thorough instructions on how to cook through the recipes and adapt with other ingredients.

Be Inspired to Cook More and Enjoy It at Home

Our chefs will both motivate and grow a sense of pleasure in cooking a variety of dishes. By understanding more about the quality of ingredients, cooking techniques, and presentation, you will look forward to cooking at home.

Get Comfortable Cooking With Seasonal Ingredients

Seasonal ingredients are freshest, cheaper, and more nutrient-dense. You’ll become more confident in how to shop and cook creatively with the season’s best ingredients.

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How The Cooking Companions Collection Works


Choose your Season

Sign up for individual Cooking Companions Collections or all three at a special discount.


Learn From Expert Chefs Right at Home

​Each Collection provides over a dozen classes taught by Marti Wolfson and her guest chefs. Classes are 1-hour in length and cover multiple recipes, which are gluten-friendly, plant forward, and
nutritionally balanced.


Start Cooking!

Once you register for a collection you will receive an email with access to all of the classes and the recipe downloads.  You can either watch and learn or cook right along with the chef.

People from all ages and skills have taken our classes and have told us how they are eating better, feeding their families a greater variety of dishes, and enjoying the connection with other cooks.

Ready to get started?
Choose a season to purchase the collection of classes below:

Fall Foliage

Fall Season

The Fall Cooking Companions classes includes menus that journey from early Fall when you still see late Summer produce through the holidays with cozy soups, curries, festive chutneys and so much more!

Mulled Wine with Fruit

Winter Season

With the holidays behind you, the Winter Collection offers more specific health-supportive topics such as Mediterranean Meals for Aging and Brain Healthy Cooking. Get inspired to support your mind and body through the kitchen. 


Spring Season

The Spring Collection includes menus that help you embrace  the season; these include lighter, more detoxifying recipes. The classes guide you from early to late spring with delicious grilled meat and vegetable recipes, salads, as well as dressings and sauces that utilize many herbs. 

Spring Onions for Garnish

Get the Complete Collection for $395

Get all 3 seasons and save $25 

Meet Your Chefs

Meet Your Chefs
Cutting Lime

Ready to get started?

Get access to a complete library of cooking classes for each season.


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