Don't underestimate small changes

When it comes to making health improvements, sometimes the smallest changes in the diet can make the biggest difference in quality of life. I often work with people who don't know just how good they can feel until they remove a food that ails them, while exploring other new and interesting foods. That's what recently happened to a client and her son. Abigail is a middle aged woman in New York City who I've worked with over the last 5 years for weight loss and arthritis. She recently came to me because her 16 year old son had been suffering from chronic bad breath, digestive problems, skin irritation, and increasing trouble focusing in school. Despite his mother being a wonderful cook and ver

Staying in the 'Loupe

Travelling can teach us so much about the rest of the world and inspire our way of living back home. While taking holiday on the French island of Guadeloupe, I was recharged by the joie de vivre in the air and the elements of life that keep us feeling alive: simple living, eating local, and communing with nature. As a chef I can't help but seek out the freshest ingredients when I travel. Part of the adventure is learning about (and devouring) the staples of the local diet. Read on for some of my favorite ingredients I found on the island and what gives them my stamp of approval in a healthy diet. I've included some simple recipes that will give you a taste of Guadaloupe. I was surprised to l

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