Makeover Your Favorite Recipes

As we continue to talk about the ins and outs of meal planning and creating nourishing recipes to fuel your week, it’s important to remember that each of us has to make meal planning personalized. Food takes on a different meaning for everyone and has roots in our culture, background, and upbringing; this sometimes making it difficult for us to change the way we eat and view food. The wonderful part about meal planning is that it can easily be made your own and adapted to fit the flavors and meals you already love. Old recipe favorites can easily be altered with simple ingredient swaps – leaving you with a healthier, more nourishing version of those classic meals you’ve always loved. Here ar

Meal Planning for Success

When I was a young girl, I remember my mother writing a shopping list each week before we went to the market. In hindsight I realize now that she didn't just pull the ingredients randomly out of thin air; she wrote down what she needed based on her meal plan Meal planning feels passe in today's fast-paced world of eating out and taking in prepared meals. 95% of my clients do not have a meal planning practice. When they come to me they are frustrated with the weekly cooking and lost about what to eat. Of all my culinary nutrition tips, tricks and tools, meal planning is the #1 tool I use to help clients succeed in the kitchen and in achieving their health goals. Research has even shown tha

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