Turning in and Letting Go

Many of us are feeling the end of summer blues and shock as a new school year begins. We can choose to look at how we shift with the seasons and counter the feelings of frenzy and chaos through small, simple practices. In Chinese Medicine Fall is the season of turning in and letting go, as the life force turns back to earth. We see this organically in nature as vegetables take root, days become shorter, and the leaves fall to the ground. Fall is the perfect opportunity to ask ourselves what negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings am I still holding onto that I can let go of, so I may grow. There's an analogy we use in Functional Medicine that in order to keep a tree healthy and thrivi

Top 8 Foods to Eat Every Week

This blog is the first of a three-part series on meal planning. For anyone looking to create more organization and improved quality of their weekly meals, it's important to have a solid place to start from. Have a colorful plant-based list of foods that all of the meals each week will be based around. The list below will give you enough color, variety, and flexibility to choose from seasonally. These staple ingredients are part of a Mediterranean diet, the most well researched diet, showing benefits for many of the chronic diseases the Western world faces today, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and mental illness. Keep reading to see examples of how to apply the science i

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